Sonntag, 27. Januar 2013

Sada-chan give it a try.....

Hello Friends,

its Sunday and therefore its time for another cute Sada-chan. Wanna see her ? Its weird this time ;)
                  (Source - Pixiv)

There is something different today, right ? Oh yeah: Shinji-kun write his blog in english, at least he try to do so. But why i do that ?
I have many Friends in Google+ from all over the world, which bring my blog many hits in the week (see it in the statistics every day that i got hits from all over the world). So i decided to make english postings from time to time to make my friends able to read my thought. 
Forgive me folks for my very bad english, i had it only at school a few years and i am bad, i know. But i hope i improve the more i try ;)

So what i write about at sunday ? Sunday is normally the day for my Sada-chan posting as you see now. Sada-chan always is personal, no figures or anime stuff, just my thoughts about life, love and the world. Love is one of my central blog themes, cause love is the force that rules the universe. Thats my deepest believe, that the ultimate key to existence is love.
Life, world, or time wont work without bound together by love and feelings for each other. Best proof for my theory is my wife +Asuka Ikari and myself. My life still go on cause i have her at my side. She give me time to go on with her love and feelings. It works day by day and need no science to proof this. Yesterday i had a little talk with my friend +Leandro Martinez  . He make the thesis that love maybe is "made by capitalism" and not work for everyone. I think he is wrong, but i can understand that he think so. Ppl who lost there believe in love may think so. I lost my believe in love many years ago, that time a girl broke my heart (she never loved me back so i despair over many years). I was ready to end my life, cause my theory above say that love without live don´t work. So i was on edge to death and had no fear to do the last step over the bridge from life to next stage of existence. But than something happened. 
An inner barrier begins to set in. That barrier lowers all my feelings to only one instinct. The only thing which was left over was the will to exist longer and find love again. Some of you will call this fate !
So i decided to exist for more than 4 years until i found love again, and this time for real. 
I found my wife and i find my fulfillment for life <3
Another proof of my "love rule everything theory". While i lost love, it was not really the barrier which save me, it was love itself. Love know that there is someone i must discover and get close to, so love build this barrier to safe my life until i found my wife. The love to my wife was existent every time since my birth. Sleeping deep inside me and wait for the day i meet her to come out like a flower breaks through the earth and shows to the sun.
After my wife take my love in her hand i gave here love and life i have, and that was the key to my existence for my whole life since first day.
One thing make me happy day by day. As my wife hold my life and love in her hands it make me feel safe. If she decide to drop it one day she decide for me to drop my hope. I must not think about it after that.
If my wife would pass away before me, she would simple take my life and love with her and i could follow her the same day she go, without doubt or fear, cause i know she wait for me on the other side and still hold my life and love.

So i proof my theory of love every day i life beside the most wonderful girl that exist in the whole world, and which only here to hold my love and life. Another word for this in nature is symbiosis. And it described exactly the dependence i have to my wife.

I hope you could follow my thought with my low english skills. 
I wish you a nice and lovely sunday.

I always end my blog-posts with the words "be lovely to each other"