Donnerstag, 27. März 2014

When dreams meet reality.....

Hello my friends,

yeah i know it´s been a while, but this has a reason.

(meet my girls in 2D and 3D - That are verious pics of Yumi and Asuka)
Actually it has two reasons.
The reasons are named Asuka and Yumi.
But let´s start from the beginning. Last year in March a friend of mine posted some about the birth of his son on G+.
I am a person who never wanted kids my own. I always thought it kills my freedom and my dreams. But i was wrong. Instead of kids i hunt for a dream i never could reach, and i blamed my bad health for the fact i failed. But it wasn´t true. I was not honest with myself.
I am personally not made to go big and make a career or live in a country far away. The only thing in my life i REALLY can is sharing love. My only good thing i can give is my heart, and therefore i had wrong goals for such a long time.
But with the sharings of my friend Matt, i found out that there is no better way to share my love then having a project wich is bigger than anything.
Create new life is a wonder, and with the birth of the son of Matt, i realize that i want that wonder too.
I switched my dream which was only a dream, and i decided to go for an adventure i can see, touch, love and which is REALLY worth to do.
I decided to have a kid my own.

The changes were low, the situation was bad, man i live a instable life, but my heart told me it was right. And i tell you something:

Wonders happen sometimes, especially when you believe in it.

In a very short time, the wish become reality and my wife got pregnant. Life and love found a way. And life loved us, cause we both felt there is something special with that pregnancy. Love was strong in my wife, and so the wonder happens. The love was too strong for a kid, so life gave us TWINS.
Yeah, you read right. Twins!!!
A really special thing. To have twins is a chance from 1:100. Especially if we not have any twins in my or wife´s family.
We are blessed with luck, and the luck becomes bigger and bigger.

So now we expect 2 girls. Yes, i wished so much for girls, and my dream come true. 2 nice girls for my little family. Asuka and Yumi, that´s the girls names, are now my future i can feel and see (at least on a sonogram).

The both will be born in May and the grow perfect.
I still love Japan, and i still collect figures, that never change. But sure my life is now focused on my special "delivery" i pre-ordered almost 9 month before. Selected with love, delivered with luck and made out of a deep and strong relationship.

I never realized that a real lucky life not depend on material stuff or what you´ve done. Real life is based on the love you share, and i will do. I will always make my girls smile and give them all the love they need. I feel strong, cause i have the luck on my side.
I resume that blog, but the themes i write about will focus on a different side of my life.

I really love too write about my family, and about what i feel. So if you like, you can follow me on my way to a future. Follow me to see how this world move forward with two new persons stepping on that planet.

Thanks to all of you who still follow this page, i hope you will love what i do, like i do love my girls.

Yours Shinji-kun
(my daughter Asuka in an actual 4D scan ^^ She is dreaming)