Freitag, 23. August 2013

Petanko Madoka Magica Full Set - Showcase !

Hello Friends,

it´s been a few days but therefore i have some figures to show you.
It is from the great Petanko series again. And this time it is a BIG set of pics. I show off the whole Team including the limited Kubey figure.
Less talk more pics. Enjoy <3

As you see it was a complete exclusive set. The Kyubey in the set are only available in the complete set. So i must get em all. But to complete my collection it was a sure thing.

Start with Madoka <3

Homura-chan, my personal start of the series. Stop time for love. Nothing deeper than this in the series ~<3

Mami, poor headless girl. Ok in my shelf she keep her head if she stay away from Charlotte ^^

Sayaka, despaired cause of rejected love. The deepest and meaningful form of desperation. I mean, what other emotion is worth to fight for until death ? Love is worth to die for without a doubt or fear. I would die just for one second at the side of the girl i love. But i tell you a little secret. Die for the one you love it is easy. You just must step in front of the person to protect him/her from the bullet shot at you love. Just jump before the car to push the one you love away and die instead of the one. So easy, just an instinct.
The REAL challenge for love is to LIVE for the one you love. Fight every day for your love and support the one you love. Die is easy and a prove of love for sure. But to live for the one you love is the ultimate prove of love you can give to some other.

Cheeky Sakura. I love cheeky tsun girls. Hard shell, soft core, deep love. Just like my Asuka <3

And last but not least the only "not girl" here. Kyubey ^^
 EX Number - prove of limitation !

Finally the whole team ~<3
Wait wait.... Mami... where´s your head ? *looool*

All right girls ? Oh i see you trade your clothes ? See it is possible to remove the heads of the girls.But that is the only option to alter Petanko figures. Move or replace the head. They are not pose-able.

With differen clothes they look funny.. I love Homura with Madoka clothes ^^

I hope you enjoyed the many pics and the bit love-talk inside the Unboxing. You see i am not fully out of this topic ^^

Be lovely to each other,