Montag, 20. Mai 2013

Mirai Suenaga Nendoroid UNBOXING !

Hello Friends,

ready for a little show today ?
Less words, mor pics this time. I have so many girls to show you but not story in mind, so i write less and provide more pics today. Right ???
I have here here since a while and i think it is time to show her. Wanna see a cute little soldier ? Here comes Mirai the solare marine ^^

She come from JP again and i got her direct from, the Customs. She hat a long way and so we start instantly and i show her off <3

I have preordere here from AmiAmi and so i got the limited Bonus with her. The Moekana card and postcard are exclusive items ^^

Wow, but here is the real cute girl. I mean she is great and cute. Could you resist her ? I can not for sure ^^

The package is well made an i can´t wait to get her out of her nice box.

As you see, she come with her car and her nice little friend <3

A bit set with much stuff to love. Time to let her out of the plastic and move her to her final destination. The shelf of the cute girls at my home ^^

She brings with her a cute set of mini-Moekana cars. Yes if you have good eyes you can study with her ^^

The decals for her car are worth a view too. I was to lazy *blushing* so i let it in the box and display her in a other way.

Another limited stuff. As i get her in the limited GSC aniversary time i got this gread limited holder too. Better than the translucent stuff. YES this is GREAT.

Ok the car is white, but who watch the car if you see Mirai. She is a real cute girl. I love her.

Not in the car, but cute as hell. Look at her and fall in love. I mean the limited holder fit her purrfect, right. With her friend she is very adorable <3 <3 <3

See the limited No. 300 print on the base. Have also a look on how cute Mirai, especially her hair, is. I mean this girl is really a eye-catcher.

YES, this is great. Long hair is a guarantee for a sweet girl. I love those hair instantly, as i love the little figure here ^^

Smile Mirai, we smile with you, you are so sweet this way. A very nice little figure.

Have a look at these "eyes" and smile with her. I do instantly. Her cheeky hair make her even more cute ;)

Have a closer look at her little friend. Very funny and cheerful. This is a plus from this figure.

 YES, this is a shot for my JAPAN friends here. I love this way with the flag. I mean JP is a country which can be proud like hell. Never seen so brave ppl like the japanese one. After the disaster the never gave up and that is worth my respect. GO FOR IT Japan ^^

UPS. You have stole Alice-chan´s clothing ? *grin*
I love that. You look hot with this dress and the book. Agree folks ???

I hope you liked her and she make you smile like she did with me. I promise to show more cute girl soon ^^

Be lovely and smile,