Mittwoch, 22. Mai 2013

Asuka Langley ( Ikari ) extra wedding figure ( EVA )UNBOXING

Hello friends,

i am in the mood to show you a perfect and wonderful figure. A great waifu, a girl which only can pe explained as perfect.
Ready for a lifetime marriage, for the ultimate bonding ceremony and for an absolute cuteness overload ? Then you are ready to follow me in the land of dreams <3 <3 <3
Yes friends, i will share today the greates bride ever seen. It is wedding time, time for love, time for the best of the best, time for waifu, time for love time to raise my heartbeat into the sky. Welcome Asuka in her cutest form. YES WE WILL <3
This figure come from the land where dreams where born, the country where my heart is, she come from JP as most times. I was very happy to get her. This is not just a figure, this is like a little personal wedding again. Let´s have a look and see why i am in love <3

This is not just a figure, this is a dream i can touch and see with eyes wide open. Want to know why i love this figures ? Simple. Each travel far until they arrive in my home. Every figure tell an own story and every figure is unique. Ever touched your own dreams ? No, then it is time to buy a cute figure, then you see what i mean ;)

 This is not a box, this is a litte package full of love and cuteness. Love comes in cute boxes from JP, thats the first rule of every figure collector <3
Let´s get her out and spread the love to you ^^
See her, fall in love, fall on your knees in front of such a cute girl and start to dream and drift into a perfect world without to leave your computer. See, this girl her is the direct ticket in a better world. She make me smile and make my heart bump a bit faster. I feel i am alive when i get such nice figures here. <3

 Turn her a bit and fall in love from each side you see her. The dress is adorable and the girl not needs word. I mean ever try to describe a dream ? See, not possible. Watch and enjoy and be thankful for the fact that something of such beauty exist in this world.
If there is a god, maybe it comes in a form of such a cute figure ;)
The dress matches perfect to her hair. I mean you can only see her here, the reality is always better. She is really well made and her dress is a bit translucent which make her even more an eye-catcher. But ever seen a Asuka which is not instantly a cuteness-overload ?
YES, she is a sure thing if you want to fall in love <3

Look the applications on her dress. Roses, just perfect that roses on a dress of a rose ;)
Wedding never be so cute. See her and dream. I think instantly of my own wedding...... oh yes, sure she is my waifu. Here and in that what you call the real world. Not much difference, except my original is always a bit more pretty than this figure. <3

Full of hope. Look his she stay here. She want to ask us if we love her. And sure we do. This wedding gonna be purrfect. The only word i could say if i see her this way is "YES".
No need to hold back. Not bad to love a cute figure like her.
I promised i take you in the land of dreams. Did i promised to much <3 ?

Look how great is her dress. Shiny on the bottom and it look real like ade of real fabric. This figure is realistic like hell. I mean i think she will walk to the church instantly. I will company her for sure. Would you reject such an offer ?
The perfect moment for Asuka to hide the TSUN and show the DERE part.
It cost Shinji many attempts to get her in such an outfit. But love wins ever so let´s get ready to celebrate the wedding Miss Ikari ;)

Why so shy, no need for. Go for it and be my waifu, at least in the digital world i will say yes. <3
Look at her dress again. See how good it is made. It hast folds like a real dress. Most people prefer white as wedding dress (there is a white version of her too), but i think the color here matches her hair perfect and make her very pretty. I think she s absolute pretty <3

The eyes and the smile. You want say YES, sure you want.  I know nobody which can resist her.
Call me traditional, but i think everybody should marry in his life. Love is to great to hide. And what can show your love to another person better than a marriage ? Nothing.

A personal word before we continue. I am married since almost 10 years to a perfect wife, just like this figure here. I never regret one day of my marriage. Not the good neither the bad times. All days you share become perfect. The good days become better with someone you love, the bad days become less worse if you have a shoulder to lean on.
Humans are not made to be alone, no existence is made to be seperated. Even atoms connect to a "family".

A bit details. Look her flowers. For sure in matching colors.
Great and well made. For sure this flowers will last forever like my love to her and even more the love to my real wife.

See, i learned that love is the only thing which doubles if you share it. Love more make more love. Simple logic, right. All can be changed by three simple words "I love you".
If life seems to be sad and hopless remember there is someone out ther who love you. Even if you not found him, even if you must search this person until "all become one in the third impact" it is worth the search. There is someone out there. Not give up trust in love <3

Have a better look on her dress. This is really cool made. The manufacturer has give her love. You see how cute she is.
A word to cuteness. Every person is cute in it´s own way. A good soul is all you need to be pretty for the one you love.
Look at this nice girl. She is cute, cause you open your heart for her. Works with any person if you are willing to give a bit love. Your life will increase i you do <3

How dows love and hope lool ? See this one and smile. Hope is when you believe in that thing you need most. In my case it is love.
I mean i am at the side of my wife since 10 years, and every day is like gift i got. Who needs money, who needs to be popular if he is alone. What is a life worth if you can not share what you feel ?
See, love has many ways and sometimes love come just as a cute little figure like Asuka here <3

Love is like a flower. It will make us smile and looks wonderful. Sure a flower can fade away, but if your love is strong thant it will last forever. Love is like a ring of flowers Asuka wear here. Round and endless. If you think it is the end you are just at the start. If you are in a realtionship for a while maybe you get tired of love. Then remember how it were when you met your love the first time. Think how wonderful it was. There is no reason why it coul not become so perfect like in the first time. All you need is to remember and it become true again. Never give up. Love is worth to fight for <3

This eyes say so much more than words can say. Look into someones eyes is a look in his soul without deviaton. The direct way to a soul lay in the eyes.
Try it look in the eyes of the one you love and you see yourself if the love is deep, only the good parts reflect to you. The bad parts are hidden and accepted by your partner. That is what love is for. See the good and deal with the bad sides.
Give and forgive.
I for example i am jealous like hell. But my wife forgive me that attitude as she not see the jealousy, she only see that i fear to lose what i love. That means accept the bad and see the good parts.

Look on her again. Not her chest *grin*
No look at her hand. What will she say us ? She say us i am protect you, i cherish you, i feel good, my heart beats faster, or she simple want to say "I am in love with you".
Love always find a way and it is always great. A wedding in not the final stage of a relationship. It is the base where you can build a love on.
I am personally very proud if i can say to others "this is my wife". See, some people are proud of their house, or their car, or their money. Thos stuff will fade away. I am proud of my love.
When people ask me what is my goal in life i can say. I already reached my goal. I have a good wife and a deep love. Success is not the job you have. It is the love i share. And if you see it this way, i am the president of the world :P

See her details. She hides so many secrets. Same as for a relationship. I personally share all my time with my wife, we never divide, and i still find now sides at my wife every day. It take more than a lifetime to know the one you love in every detail. If you love someone, no ever become tired to explore new sides at this person.
Love is like a rainbow, it contains all colors which on this world, including those which you not see. Sometimes it need more than your eyes to see the truth. It need your heart to feel it.

With this picture of such a cute figure i will end my trip into the world of love and cuteness. It was a while since i write so much to my figure unboxing. But Asuka make it easy to talk about love, i mean in this appearance it is easy to make me melt away.
Love has so many sides, we explored one of them together today. So go to the one you love and share a bit love with him / her.

Love more and make the world better.
Thanks for reading my blog,

Shinji-kun <3