Dienstag, 7. Mai 2013

Asuka Langley gothic Loli ver. ( Evangelion ) Unboxing

Hello Friends,

time for another figure, time for another cute waifu ^^
Today i  present you the figure my wife get for 9th wedding anniversary <3 What figure is perfect for for waifu ? Right a waifu figure ;)

I got her from e-Bay in Germany to keep it secret so wife not notice, so here she comes. Isn´t she beautiful ???
Wow that look great, i am in love instantly. She is very adorable in this outfit, even the box is great.

Turn the box around an have a great view on what is inside the this lovely box and start drooling <3
I mean Asuka is hot, but in this outfit it is a instant cuteness-meltdown ^^

Well packed, but now it is time to get her out of her package and give her some love and a good home. Wanna have her out ? Here she is <3 <3 <3

I love her, and i love her base. Not only a shitty piece of plastic as most times. It is just perfect to display her and it match her outfit in a cool way. Love her while watch her <3

Ups, a panstu shot. Sorry Asuka, but i must show this view, i am sure you understand that. So cute in this pose i must show my friends here. You are sweet and cool at the same moment, i am in love <3

From behind it is still sexy. Only the base look a bit to blank, but when you put here in the corner of my shelf like i did, it looks great and you only see the well painted parts. I mean who care for the base when see her ? <3

So great hair i must show you. I want to fondle her instantly. She is cute and and really sexy. Oh man that i am in love.
Look in her eyes and get stunned by so much cuteness. Asuka has the ability to look hot, cute and absolute beautiful at the same time <3

Wow, this outfit and that view let my heart bump heavy. I love this cool outfit. Wanna cuddle with me Asuka ??? <3

Watch the cool details, she is really great. The dress is really making her even more hot. I love her really that way. <3
Her hair has no interfaces this time, but i love the ribbons. Make her really adorable. I love her this way, she should wear that more in the future ;)

With a view in her beautiful eyes i want to let you go back into the real world from my world of dream ^^
I mean if you want to go back after you met her. I will stay here for a while and watch her (and give her a little kiss <3 )

I wish you a nice week.

Love and live,