Sonntag, 28. Juli 2013

Sada-chan enjoy distant normality.....

Hello friends,

after a week vacation, Sada-chan is back for you ^^

The last weeks was easy and relaxed, nothing special and nothing bad. Just my normal daily going like always. Work, a few days vacation and a trip to Milano. A normal life for Shinji-kun.
This is how my life going in the last two years. My life changed since 2010 and my last trip to JP. Sure i still have the feeling that i must go out of this town and search for a new start somewhere else. But in the end Freiburg, the town i live, is not bad, and the job is halfway good and nice paid, so i come to a simple conclusion. What i have is a good thing. I see that normality can be an nice stuff. You will realize that if you are in the situation when normality is almost lost, and things your thought as "normal" are in danger to get lost for your life.
So i personally satisfied with what i have. Sure i would prefer to travel to JP again and get out of this town, but in the end it would make me happy just for a short time. I have an eye to the world with me. With my phone and my computer i have a peek to the world anytime, can travel to the whole world with a klick on my browser and talk to people far away.
Sharing life and information with other is like to go their way with them a bit. Watch the world from distance, make the real distance a bit shrinking from time to time.
My own adventure is here in my home. Family, a walk to the city center, or just relax at home can be a great thing, especially when you have an eye to the world daily. I am sure more connected to the web than a normal person, but this has a reason for sure. I found my love, and therefore my life with that medium, so it is natural that i see a bit more than just the web when i sit on the screen.
The only thing i must learn is to calm down a bit, and take things more easy, but i am sure with the fact that normality isn´t that bad, it will be possible to calm down a bit more.

I mean the future lays in my own hands, if it is just digital or real, for me not really much difference. Sure the medium is another but the emotions attached to are almost the same. The world you see is what you want to see.

I wish you all a nice sunday,