Donnerstag, 30. Mai 2013

Asuka Langley pinky street ( EVANGELION ) unboxing

Hello Friends,

i promised to show you the Asuka to the Rei from a few days before.
I keep my promise and so here she is. A cute nice WAIFU <3

(This picture is from "Happy end of Evangelion" an epic doujinshi about Shinji and Asuka)

You liked Rei, than you will love the cheeky Asuka.

She is really cute, i am right ???
She comes with much acessory and so we can have here in many styles and with some cute extras. I mean she looks great in every way you present her. <3

The back of the package is the same as Rei´s so not much new to see, but cute anyway ^^

Soooooo cheeky and so adorable. She is really pretty in her yellow dress ^^
I want to cuddle instantly with her. She is a sweet and lovely little figure and i am happy to give her a good home <3

Here i show her without her hat, so you see her cute hairstyle too. She has no interfaces this way, she has cute red ribbons, which make her very pretty. I personally love the cheeky face, you too ???

She is a bit "flat" if you know what i mean, but this is a result of the SD character design and i love it anyway. At least she has large feet to kick Shinji the proper way *grin*

More of her cute hair and her hot backside. I love the style with the ribbons and i love her pose. It is very easy to fall in love with this little figure <3

Here from the side with hat again. Sooooo sweet. I want to pinch her cheeks. She is really great and deserve love for sure.

"Purrfect she is"  <3
I love her eyes and her look. I mean this is exactly the way Asuka look when she is not in duty. Cheeky and self confident ^^

With or without hat, what you like more ? I love her in both ways. She is very stylish ^^

Now i present her in her school outfit. Very sexy, isn´t it ?
She has style, even in such an outfit. Asuka looks great, no matter what she wear.

The school style not contain a hat, therefore she wear here hot neural interfaces ^^
It fits her best ^^
 This is very cute. If i were at school with such a hot girl, my results become even worse, cause i had only eyes for her ^^
OK i am sure she will splap me until i do a good way of learning <3

Cheeky schoolgirl ^^
Love that much, and i really like her school style. I get the first time thoughts about get back to school, but only if she is in my class.
Wow, what happens ? Rei-chan borrowed her dress ? Cool and hot to the the little sis in waifu´s dress.
And they both are a great couple to present here, right ? What you prefer ? Blue or red hair ?
I take the redhead for wife and the blue as imouto <3

Rei in Asuka style look really cute. I meani would cuddle instantly with her too ^^
She is sexy when she wear a dress. And the jellow matches good to her blue hair.

Oh, cheeky waifu get me <3 <3 <3
I mean Shinji and Asuka are made for be together. Look how i smile to be at her hand <3
Yes Asuka never let me go please ^^

I hope you enjoyed this little unboxing again and you stay tuned for much more cute lovely figures in the future.
Wish you a lovely day, and be nice and lovely to the ppl around you please.